Banishing Bath Ritual

Banishing Bath Salts ~ handcrafted, a fantastic way to knock all that clinging negative energy off of yourself on a regular basis.

Banishing Bath Ritual

Do you suspect someone has done some sort of magical working against you? Do you just feel an overwhelming sense of negative energy all around you? Do you feel down and gloomy or upset for no reason? We all do from time to time. Here is your first line of defence: the Banishing Bath.

Banishing Baths use our famous handcrafted Banishing Bath Salts, and are a fantastic way to knock all that clinging negative energy off of yourself on a regular basis.

Begin by cleaning your bath, you’re doing a ritual. Doing this shows respect for the process and for the deities, plus it’s a good symbolic first step when cleansing yourself.

Begin filling the bathtub, using whatever temperature water you prefer. Add one level tablespoon of the Banishing Bath Salts to the water. While preparing your bath, enhance the atmosphere of the room by lighting a candle, burning some incense, or playing meditative/drumming/chanting music.

When the bath is full, turn off the water and get in. At this point, you don’t need any soap yet, you’re just washing yourself with the scented water. You can use your hands, or a washcloth if you prefer. If you have trouble bending or reaching, you might want to use a bath brush or loafer.

While washing, state your intention with saying, “ There is nothing within me that is not in line with my general well-being and happiness, or that can harm me by thought, word or deed.’ (End with Amen, So Mote It Be, whatever you like.)

As you wash each part of your body, imagine anything negative that shouldn’t be in you oozing out through the pores in your skin, like sweat on a very hot day.

When you feel ready – when you feel you’ve removed all you can – stand up and drain the bath water. Rinse yourself, imagining all the negative energy rinsing off of you, flowing down the drain, back into the earth, out of your life. When you’re done rinsing, proceed with your normal shower or bath.

As a rule, a banishing bath should be done once a week, on the same day. Planning the bath for the same day each week will help you remember to do it, and make it feel more like a ritual, like something special.

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