The Cleansing Power of Salt

The Cleansing Power of Salt Bowls: Removal of Negative Energy

There’s a reason why the beach feels so energetically clean and refreshing. Salt is considered a protective and cleansing agent, both physically and mentally. A salt bowl in your home can absorb water, emit ions, and kills bacteria.

Choose a bowl to use for your salt bowl. You can go for something plain or fancy — whatever you prefer.
If you’re going to leave the bowl out for more than a couple of days, A non-porous bowl (i.e. not wood).

Choose a Salt. You can use whatever salt you have in your cupboard. Natural sun-evaporated sea salt, black sea salt, pink Himalayan sea salt, kosher diamond crystal salt or good old regular sea salt.

Add Herbs and Oils, If Desired. Open your cupboards and check your spice rack and tea tins. You can add anything to the salt. It will add another aspect of cleansing to the dish.

If you have juniper berries add them to your salt bowl because juniper is a protective herb. Cloves and peppercorns are also protective and are known to banish negative energy. A few drops of essential oils, like tea tree or lavender for aroma.

Other protective herbs are garlic, rosemary, rue, bay leaves. Some cultures cut lemons or limes and set them in the salt.

Mix everything together with your fingers and speak your intention out loud. Say something like, “May this salt cleanse the energy of my home and protect my family from negativity.”
Place your beautiful salt bowls in your home. Be conscious of the salt bowls. When you pass by it, use it as a cleanser of your energy. You can push negative energy into the salt bowl, or touch the salt with your hands to ground any errant energy.

Some people like to place salt bowls in the corners of a room. This can create a very good ambience in the space!
You can also sprinkle a little bit of your salt over the carpet and let it absorb for an hour or so before vacuuming it up. It really does change the energy of the room!

When the energy of the bowl doesn’t feel cleansing anymore, it’s time to get rid of it. Toss it into the trash.

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