Amazing Fizzy Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are amazing fizzy balls of joy. Drop one into your bath and get ready to have a relaxing bathing experience. When you toss them into the water they begin to fizz releasing an amazing aroma into the air.

The main two ingredients are baking soda and citric acid. In addition other skin nourishing ingredients such as Sweet Oil, Coconut Oil or Grape seed oil are often added.
Fragrances are added to top off the aromatherapy experience. The uses of these products are to relax and pamper yourself, cleanse the skin from daily contamination, also strengthen it, increase elasticity, leaving the skin soft and silky and with pleasant aroma.

Variations in color, shading, texture, shape and grain are just a few characteristics in a handmade item. All product are made to order. The manufacturing process of an item begins only after a confirmed customer order is received. Takes up to 3 working days.

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