SJ Creativity & Inspiration Spell Jar


These hand-crafted spell jars are created to promote creativity and being inspiration.

Each spell jar is individually crafted and charged with intention in a cleansed space. The ingredients are carefully selected to ensure high quality.

Each jar includes:
Basil – Courage, success
Cinnamon – Power, success
Dandelion – Wish granting, creativity
Rosemary – aids mental powers, concentration, improves memory
St. Johns Wort – removes anxiety
Thyme – Courage and purification
Peppermint – Increase vibrations, clarity of mind

Carnelian – Courage, energy, creativity, passion
Lapis Lazuli – Self-expression, creativity

Other ingredients include:
Salt for purification and cleansing, homemade vanilla sugar for creativity and essential oils.

The jars are sealed with purple wax, purple hemp cord and a pentagram charm for their inspirational properties.

It would be a perfect little jar to sit on your altar, around your home or even take with you on the go.

The appearance of each bottle may vary due to their handmade nature.

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