SJ Protection Spell Jar / Witch Bottle


These hand-crafted spell jars are created for protection from negative energy.

Each spell jar is individually crafted and charged with intention in a cleansed space. The ingredients are carefully selected to ensure good quality.

Each jar includes:

Angelica – Protection against hexes and curses
Basil – Protection from evil
Peppermint – Healing and purification
Cinnamon – Protection and healing
Dill – Protection against others ill-intentions
Black Pepper – Protection against the Evil Eye
Cloves – Halts gossip, drives away negativity
Garlic – Protection against theft, repels envious people and enemies
Hyssop – Protection from evil, purification
Vervain – Wards off evil spirits, purification
Rosemary – Wards off nightmares, purification, healing

Black Tourmaline – Protection, grounding, balance, transmutation
Smokey Quartz – Transmutation, grounding and centering
Amethyst – Protection, purification, balance
Black Obsidian – Protection, grounding, purification

I have also included black salt and essential oils.

These jars are sealed with black wax, hemp cord and a pentagram charm for their strong protective correspondences. It would be perfect placed on your altar or may be kept on you when out and about.

The appearance of each jar may vary due to their handmade nature.

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