SJ Anti-Anxiety Spell Jar


These hand-crafted spell jars are created to ease anxiety.

Each spell jar is individually crafted and charged with intention in a cleansed space. The ingredients are carefully selected to ensure good quality.

Each jar includes:
Mullein – Courage, protection and love
Valerian – Love, protection, purification, also helps with sleep
Lemon Balm – Healing and love
Passionflower – Peace, also aids sleep
Peppermint – Purification, love and healing
Lavender – Purification, peace, happiness, protection, love
and aids with sleep
Hyssop – Purification and protection
Ashwaghandha – Stress relief, endurance,
St. Johns Wort – Health, protection, strength, happiness
Chamomile – Purification, aids sleep

Green Aventurine – Transmutation and stability
Amethyst – Protection, purification, balance
Rose Quartz – Love, stress release, emotional healing
Smokey Quartz – Transmutation, grounding and centering

I have also included salt for purification and essential oils.

The jars are sealed with yellow wax, yellow hemp cord and a pentagram charm for their positive properties.

It would be a perfect little jar to sit on your altar, around your home or even take with you on the go.

The appearance of each bottle may vary due to their handmade nature.

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